Eveliina Juuri | Designer

Helsinki based designer with expertise in industrial, product & packaging and CMF (color, material & finishing) design.




KAARNI is a biodegradable food container made out of willow bark fibres. The plate is water-resistant, easily compostable and a great Finnish option for a disposable container. KAARNI was created in a multidisciplinary team that combined design and chemical engineering skills together. Material research has been acting a big role in this project among market research and product development. This plate is a convenient and sustainable option for all kinds of events where cocktail plates are needed.

TEAM Eveliina Juuri, Sanna-Liisa Järvelä and Jinze Dou

AWARD 2nd price in Wood U Make it Happen Innovation contest, organized by Finnish Wood Industries

EXHIBITIONS Habitare Furniture fair 2017

MATERIALS Willow bark fibres and beeswax


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