Eveliina Juuri | Designer

Helsinki based designer with expertise in industrial, product & packaging and CMF (color, material & finishing) design.




KALEIDON lighting series includes a table lamp and also a pendant light and both of the lamps can be build from the same components and both designs include LED light source with a driver integrated inside of the lamp. The brass dome of the lamp gives a nice warm indirect light up to the ceiling and also on to the table surface.

The glass dome of the lighting is mouth blown  by the professionals and finished with a cold work by me. The glass piece also required a wooden mould that I 3D modeled and CNC carved into an Alder wood block. 

EXHIBITIONS ORNO – Valo ja Muoto, Kerava Art Museum, 18.5.-25.8.2019

MATERIAL Brass, glass, paint and metal


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