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Helsinki based designer with expertise in industrial, product & packaging and CMF (color, material & finishing) design.

kite + dart

Kite + Dart


KITE + DART is an art piece designed into the heart of Helsinki. This piece was voted and selected as a competition winner by an audience and a jury. In May 2017 the art piece was hanged around the Citycenter mall and was there through the whole summer. 

This geometric piece is build from 3m x 1,6m  modules which are attached together so that the pattern is continuous. Material is recycled wall adversiting banners that were used and out-dated. I got the banners from a co-operation company and the designed partten was implemented  with a water-cutting machine. The white color of the piece comes from the reverse side of the old advertising banners so no painting was needed. 

As an inspiration source for the pattern I used this existing mathematically endless pattern called Penrose tiling which is used also in Helsinki centre street (Keskuskatu) pavement.  

AWARD 1st price in “Makkaratalon kukitus” Competition, Citycenter 50 years Anniversary

COLLABORATION COMPANIES Sponda Oyj (competition), Wahlström Image (advertisement sheets and hanging) and Laserle Oy (water-cutting). A huge thanks to them all for the amazing work!

MATERIAL recycled advertisement banners


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