Eveliina Juuri | Designer

Helsinki based designer with expertise in industrial, product & packaging and CMF (color, material & finishing) design.




KIETO recycling system furniture is designed to serve different type of living and recycling. It offers an easy way of collecting your waste and recyclable materials without wasting floor space. This wall-mounted furniture presents a simple and easily editable solution for every-day-life. 

Careful recycling is more and more part of peoples lives and new innovative storage solutions are needed especially in small apartments. Getting the materials from our everyday life back to the cycle is a crucial part of sustainable development and this is why recycling should be easy for everyone. 

In Finland plastic, cardboard, paper, bio-waste, metals, glass and pledges plastic bottles can be sorted and this way be recycled. In addition to this small electronics, bulbs, batteries and textiles can be sorted back to the cycle. KIETO recycling system offers a customizable amount of containers for sorting all these materials for different type of recyclers. 

MATERIALS IN CONCEPT Wood, metal and felt


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